Best Stress Relief Supplements

Best Stress Relief Supplements

In the extremely busy life of today, almost everyone suffers from stress due to the work pressure and several other factors that mentally disturb them. But when people are overwhelmed with stress, it adversely affects their physical and mental health, giving rise to many complications. Hence, now people look out for some effective treatments to be cured from this excessive stress, to remain healthy as before. The physicians often recommend about following specific lifestyle, definite diet and regular exercises to control the growth of stress. But there are some highly useful stress relief supplements that can reduce the stress to a great extent.

Most effective supplements for decreasing stress

NiacinNiacin is the scientific name of Vitamin B3 that is commonly available from several natural plants and animal products. It is also present in most of the multivitamin capsules and it brings down the adrenaline level in our body, resulting in calming down the distressful mind. Therefore, it is recommended to take Niacin capsules or tablets daily with cold water, but preferably not on empty stomach.

MagnesiumMagnesium is a common mineral that is naturally present in nuts and most of the green vegetables. It is known to have numerous health benefits, including the effective control over stress. Hence, now this mineral is available in form of supplemented capsule or tablet, to supply the body with minimum 300 mg of Magnesium daily. But this supplement should be taken only on doctor’s advice and at any time of the day. This mineral initiates sound sleep and supply the body with much energy, to help the patient in dealing with stress.

L-theanineL-theanine is actually an amino acid that is more commonly available in green tea and it helps in relaxing the mind of the people, resulting in the reduction of stress. Now L-theanine is separately available in capsule or tablet form, each containing 200 – 300 mg of this amino acid. Generally, the doctors recommend taking 1 – 3 capsules a day, depending on the intensity of the stress. People feel mentally much better instantly, on taking their usual dosage of this nutrient.

Valerian rootValerian root is available in all types of tea in small amounts, for which now it is available in the form of capsules or tablets, to supply the body with at least 450 mg of this useful herb daily. It affects the brain cells to produce certain chemical that will calm down the nervous system of the body, resulting in lowering the stress of the mind. When this supplement is taken along with other herbs, like lemon balm, it induces more hours of peaceful sleep, leading to calm mind. It is better to take at night, though a small dose at day hours is also helpful for immediate stress relief.

Lemon balmLemon balm is a herb with the scientific name Melissa officinalis and it is known to calm down a person physically and mentally. Therefore, now it is available in the form of capsules that can be taken at any time of the day in small doses, though the prescribed dosage is 300 mg in each capsule and 1- 3 capsules are enough for stress relief.

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